Liner and Cover Warranty Info


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Ways To Register Your Warranty

To register your warranty, send us your Warranty Card within 25 days of installation via:

1. Mail It: 

Branded Manufacturing LLC
805 Industrial Park Drive Trenton, TN 38382

2. Online Registration:

Complete the Warranty Registration form with you and your installer’s information and we will send you a confirmation email that your warranty is registered.

Warranty Registration

After receiving all of your warranty information, we will send you a confirmation in usually 1-2 business days. Feel free to contact us at 731-345-4500 or email us.

By submitting the Warranty Registration Form, you hereby acknowledge that the liner furnished by Branded MFG and its installation is satisfactory and acceptable.

How To Claim Your Warranty

Step-by-Step Guide

Identify the Issue:

Determine if the problem is a manufacturing defect. Before removing anything, take pictures of the issue for reference. Consult our warranty to understand what constitutes a manufacturing defect.

Obtain Authorization:

Contact your dealer or distributor to get a RETURN GOODS AUTHORIZATION number. They will guide you on whether the whole product or just a part of it needs to be returned.

Await Confirmation:

After the return, our team will analyze the Liner parts. You will be informed whether your claim is accepted or denied under the Branded Warranty terms, usually within seven days.

  • Full Product Return:
    If required, repack the entire product on the original skid and return it to your distributor or Branded Manufacturing, LLC. as directed.
  • Partial Return:
    If required, please send the defective part, and serial numbers.
    • Cutting Out the Defective Part: Remove the defective section, ensuring to leave at least 3 inches of non-defective material around it. For guidance on how to do this correctly, refer to Image
    • Extracting Operator’s Initials and Serial Number: Cut out the operator’s initials and Serial Number, usually found at the bottom of a wall seam. In case there are multiple seams, refer to Image 2 to locate the correct section. Send these parts to the distributor or Branded Manufacturing, LLC. as instructed
    • Removing Liner Bead Serial Number: Find and cut out the section of the liner’s bead that has the liner’s serial number. Refer to Image 3 for an example of what the serial number will look like. Place this with the other parts of the liner required to claim the warranty.

Image 1 – Defective Sample

Seam Separation Example

Image 2 – Liner Serial Number 

Serial Number Example

Image 3 – Bead Serial Number

Serial Number on Liner Bead