Liner Assurance Program

Peace of Mind for after the Pool Install

What is Liner Assurance?

Reliability and Trust Built into Every Seam

The Liner Assurance Program offers financial protection for the first two crucial years of the pool liner’s life. If seam separation occurs, we’ve got your back — we’ll send a check to the pool owner to cover the costs of reinstalling and reopening the pool, so neither you nor your customers have to worry about the unexpected expenses. It’s our promise of quality and your peace of mind, sealed with every liner.

How Liner Assurance Works

 Two Levels Tailored to Your Needs

Our Liner Assurance Program is designed two around two price levels of coverage depending on your average cost to reinstall the pool liner and refill both water and chemicals.

Basic Assurance

Offers up to $1,000 coverage. This includes the costs of installation, labor, water, and chemicals.

Extended Assurance

Provides a higher coverage of up to $1,500 for installation, labor, water, and chemicals.

Liner Assurance Process

Report and Document

If you notice a seam separation, document the issue. This can be done by the homeowner or the installer. Just take clear photos of the seam separation and gather any relevant installation details.

Sumbit for Verification

Next, send us the documentation. Our team will promptly review it to confirm that the separation is a manufacturing defect.

Receive Your Coverage

Finally, once we confirm the issue, we'll replace the liner under warranty. Additionally, we'll issue a check to the homeowner, which covers installation and associated costs, based on the dealer's Liner Assurance level.

Liner Assurance vs. Warranty: Understanding the Difference

Liner Warranty: Our pool liners come with a robust warranty that covers the replacement of the liner in the event of manufacturing defects, including seam separation. For detailed information about what our warranty covers, please visit our warranty page.

Liner Assurance Program: This program is specifically designed to go beyond the warranty. While the warranty covers the replacement of the liner, our Liner Assurance Program covers the ancillary costs associated with seam repair – such as water refilling, chemical rebalancing, and labor – which are not typically covered under standard warranties and falls on the installer.

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