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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Become A Branded Dealer

Head over to our Become A Branded Dealer page and submit the dealer application. We’ll promptly review it and reach out to get you on board and all set up

How Long Is the Turnaround on Liners and Covers?

Our typical lead time for a standard liner is 3-5 days. For liners with additional features or special requirements, please allow 5-7 days for completion.

What is the Liner Assurance Program?

The Liner Assurance Program from Branded Manufacturing is a commitment to the highest quality and durability for our pool liners. It offers protection against seam separation in the first few years, covering the financial costs of reinstalling the pool liner and associated expenses like water and chemicals​​.

What's the difference between the Liner Warranty and the Liner Assurance Program?

While our robust Liner Warranty covers replacement due to manufacturing defects, including seam separation, the Liner Assurance Program goes further, covering additional costs such as water refilling, chemical rebalancing, and labor, which are not typically covered under standard warranties​​.

How do I register for the Branded Manufacturing warranty?

To register your warranty, you can either mail in your Warranty Card to Branded Manufacturing LLC at 805 Industrial Park Drive Trenton, TN 38382 or complete the online Warranty Registration form. A confirmation email will be sent once your warranty is registered​​.

What is the process for claiming my warranty?

First, identify the issue and document it. Obtain a RETURN GOODS AUTHORIZATION number from your dealer or distributor. After returning the required parts or the entire product, our team will analyze the liner and inform you if your claim is accepted or denied, typically within seven days​​.