Liner and Cover Warranty Info


Ways To Register Your Warranty

To register your warranty, send us your Warranty Card within 25 days of installation via:

1. Mail It: 

Branded Manufacturing LLC
805 Industrial Park Drive Trenton, TN 38382

2. Online Registration:

Complete the Warranty Registration form with you and your installer’s information and we will send you a confirmation email that your warranty is registered.

Warranty Registration

After receiving all of your warranty information, we will send you a confirmation in usually 1-2 business days. Feel free to contact us at 731-345-4500 or email us

Registration Statement

How To Claim Your Warranty

Step-by-Step Guide

Identify the Issue:

Determine if the problem is a manufacturing defect. Before removing anything, take pictures of the issue for reference. Consult our warranty to understand what constitutes a manufacturing defect.

Obtain Authorization:

Contact your dealer or distributor to get a RETURN GOODS AUTHORIZATION number. They will guide you on whether the whole product or just a part of it needs to be returned.

Await Confirmation:

After the return, our team will analyze the Liner parts. You will be informed whether your claim is accepted or denied under the Branded Warranty terms, usually within seven days.

  • Full Product Return:
    If required, repack the entire product on the original skid and return it to your distributor or Branded Manufacturing, LLC. as directed.
  • Partial Return:
    If required, please send the defective part, and serial numbers.
    • Cutting Out the Defective Part: Remove the defective section, ensuring to leave at least 3 inches of non-defective material around it. For guidance on how to do this correctly, refer to Image
    • Extracting Operator’s Initials and Serial Number: Cut out the operator’s initials and Serial Number, usually found at the bottom of a wall seam. In case there are multiple seams, refer to Image 2 to locate the correct section. Send these parts to the distributor or Branded Manufacturing, LLC. as instructed
    • Removing Liner Bead Serial Number: Find and cut out the section of the liner’s bead that has the liner’s serial number. Refer to Image 3 for an example of what the serial number will look like. Place this with the other parts of the liner required to claim the warranty.

      Image 1 – Defective Sample

      Image 2 – Liner Serial Number 

      Image 3 – Bead Serial Number